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Fact: Affiliate marketing is a $95 billion industry that is expected to grow to approximately $230 billion by 2008. (Source: Forrester Research)

UNIQUE Script That'll Help You Explode Your Downline, Boost Your Subscriber Base and Online Profits Automatically, on a Shoe-String Budget and even Without any Product!

Discover and use viral marketing at its best to promote any affiliate or mlm program and generate insane incomes by selling automatically replicable websites, clickbank portals, ad trackers, url rotators and banner managers!

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From: Kaviraj Kodai

Dear Friend,

Are you sick of promoting affiliate/mlm or any multi-tier programs and feel like the website owner is the one who's making the most out of YOUR efforts?

Thanks to the Virtual Portal's automatic income generator script, you can now join the league of the big-guns by taking control over the programs that you promote and get other people to advertise your website even if you don't have any product to sell!

Here's what you can do with the Virtual Portals script:

  • Promote any affiliate, mlm or multi-tier program and build a massive downline through the viral nature of the system. Give away self-replicating websites listing those programs and benefit from the traffic your downline brings to you. In return, they get to explode their downline as well as getting some valuable services and tools to help them with their own business.
  • Boost your subscriber base by using the same viral marketing technique used for exploding your downline.
  • Sell or give away dynamically replicable websites to your downlines so that they can use it to promote the same programs that you belong to!
  • Upgrade or downgrade any member's account from FREE to PRO or the other way around!
  • Give away or sell ad trackers where you and your members can track any number of websites (you can limit the number of ad trackers that you sell or give away through the admin area)
  • Sell or give away unlimited url rotators - great for split testing different sales letters or websites.
  • Sell or give away unlimited banner managers where members can promote their own programs through banners.
  • Keep website visitors glued to your website for days with the amazing articles directory. Get repeat visitors by including freely available articles to your website. You can even syndicate the articles so that other website owners can automatically post your articles on their website - a great promotional tool.
  • Sell or give away clickbank portals promoting more than 10,000 products earning you and your members up to 75% commission per sale! There are some websites who are selling access to such portals for more than $90!!! The portal will also update itself automatically every week to include the latest products and remove obsolete ones.
  • Let your members promote any website/program of their choice through exit pop-up windows that you can put throughout your website! This will make them more eager to promote your website.
Make Insane amounts of money without any products!

Imagine the amount of money that you can make if you use the Virtual Portals script to sell these amazing online services (ad tracking, url rotator, banner manager & clickbank portal) whether for a one time or monthly recurring fee. If you take the second scenario and sell access to these online services for a minimal monthly fee (say $10), you can easily make $1000 per month with just 100 members! Are you amazed? How about 1000 members?

There are similar services who sell access to these same tools for more than $20-$30 per month! Just plug in a paypal/stormpay subscription form or any other online payment processing system and you're in business. As simple and easy as that! With the self-replicating nature of the script you won't have any problems promoting your service.

Enough reading? How about trying the demo of the script to see what it can do for you and your business?

Click here to try the demo of the Virtual
Portal, Automatic Income Generator Script

Requirements :

To successfully install and use the Virtual Portals script on your website, you need to have:
  • Unix/Linux server.
  • Access to cgi-bin directory.
  • Perl 5+
  • 1 MySQL database.
  • the DBI module.
  • LWP module.
If you need a quality host that has all of the features mentioned above, I highly recommend

Here's what the Virtual Portals script package consist of:

  • The actual portal scripts with easy to follow installation intructions.
  • A professionally designed website template (with 6 affiliate programs already included - you can change these at will) and sales letter (just like this one).
  • A compilation of 30 marketing related articles by master marketer Terry Dean - you'll earn money through these articles when your visitors subscribe to them. (they have already been pre-formatted to be used as follow-up letters through your autoresponder software/service.)
  • A collection of 88 professionally written articles by Michael Southon and Jim Edwards available through the articles directory system of the portal script. Each of these articles will be automatically linked through your (or your members) clickbank affiliate nickname. This will pull in money for you just by providing free content to your website visitors. The best thing is that other website owners can syndicate these same articles on their own website, hence sending you traffic for free!
  • Free Liftetime upgrades is included too! Whenever we add new features to the portal script, you'll be getting them for free!
Are you ready to take your business to the next level and stop toiling for some meagre profits? Order the Virtual Portals script now, while it's fresh in your mind. You will be able to download the script immediately!

O.K. Let's get down to the nitty gritty!

I'm sure you're thinking, "O.K. so what's the cost for this amazing script?"

Considering the high price you'd have to pay to hire a programmer to create such a software from scratch, I'm sure you'll agree that even if it cost $500 it would be worth to get your hands on a tool that will literally change the way you do business online!

But prepare to be shocked as I'm not going to charge anywhere close to that because I want every one who is serious about earning money on the internet to be able to afford my script. That's why the complete Virtual Portals package is only $147.

Special Introductory Offer: If you order today, you can save $80 off the normal price, and get this UNIQUE Script for only $67!
Order Now and I will Give You $140 in BONUS GIFTS as my thank you to you for trying out the Virtual Portal's Automatic Income Generator Script!

  • Bonus Gift #1: Clickbank Manager ($39.95 Value)

    If you use the services of to sell your digital products or services, you'll surely discover that there are some limitations to their services on the affiliate management side. This unique script will help you to effectively manage your affiliate program and customers. It is actually being sold for $39.95 at but I'll give it to you for free if you order today!

  • Bonus Gift #2: Ultimate Support System ($49.95 Value)

    Get over isp's spam filters and stay in touch with your customers. With your own online customer support system, your customers will be able to submit their support requests through this system on your website. All you have to do is log into your admin area and answer to their questions which will be available to the customer immediately to view through his account. You may also delegate this task to your staffs by creating their own accounts.

  • Bonus Gift #3: Clickbank Reporter ($29.95 Value)

    Whether you are a clickbank affiliate or merchant, the Clickbank Reporter will help you generate detailed reports of your earnings the moment you make any sales. This amazing script will also send notification emails when you make sales and automatically follow-up with your customers. Great for sending those back-end offers and cash in when the prospect is still hot. You can also build a searchable database of all your customers and build your own mailing list without having to log into your clickbank account and doing it manually!

  • Bonus Gift #4: Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed! ($19.95 Value)

    Discover how To Make At Least $2,000 In Affiliate Commissions Every Single Month? in this amazing ebook by Louis Allport. You'll learn how to become a super affiliate, and be able to create money on demand -- literally.

  • 100% Money-Back Guaranteed!

    Now that you know what you stand to gain, let's consider what you have to risk. Less than seventy dollars!! I'll tell you what, I'll even take this risk right out of the equation! Try it out for 30 days! If, for any reason, you don't think this script will work for you, I'll gladly refund 100% of your purchase - No questions asked!

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    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any time.

    Thanks for reading,

    P.S. If you feel hesitant for any reason, ask yourself this important question: "What have I done in the last 90 days to increase my sales and profits?

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